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intensiKey Live

intensiKey Live is a multiplatform virtual set app useful for live production, webcasts, and presentations.

intensiKey Post

Designed for the PC to work upstream from your editing software or as a standalone application for turning camera footage into gorgeous 3D Virtual Set Studios.

Virtual Sets

Both intensiKey Live and Post can work with 2D images but to get the advantage of true 3D perspective 3D virtual sets must be used.

intensiKey Post

Designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use, intensiKey meets the needs of a broad range of virtual set compositing tasks including chroma keying, sizing talent appropriately into the virtual set, and adding B source video correctly to monitors.

Easy to use Green Screen

intensiKey built in chroma keyer let's you bring footage in straight from your camera. Key even difficult footage without getting overly technical with just a few easy to use controls.

Adjust your talent position, import your pictures and video, set your camera position keyframes, render out your shot and bring it into your editing program or upload straight to youtube, vimeo, facebook and more


Demo and Purchase

intensiKey Post PC

Post Production 3D Virtual Sets

*Please only purchase after demo

*Virtual Sets are only for Intesikey

 intensiKey Post $299 $149.99

Add Ons:

 Virtual Set Pack 1$299 $199.99

 Virtual Set Pack 2$299 $199.99

 Virtual Set Pack 3$299 $199.99

 VS Pack 1, 2, 3 $599 $299.99

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